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Part time Marketing Directors for ambitious business, at a fraction of the cost.

A Part Time Marketing Director for ambitious business, at a fraction of the cost. Imagine if you could access an experienced, high calibre business growth expert without paying full rates. Would you grab them?

That’s the business we’re in, supplying highly proficient, experienced and accomplished Marketing Directors at an affordable price. These are people who know how to get it right, and have proven it before they come to us. They’re affordable because they work part time on your business. Your own Part Time Marketing Director will engage in the critical Marketing Strategy and direction of the business. They are multi-skilled and fully understand today’s integrated marketing strategies that embrace brand, sales, consumer insights, product positioning and development, channel management, digital marketing, people management, quality management programs and project management to create qualified Lead Generation and Sales. It’s this type of expertise that helps with Business Growth, aligning business objectives toward market conditions. We get to the heart of the issue quickly, and where necessary we access top outside resources - so no more trial and error with external suppliers.

So, for a fraction of the real cost of having somebody like this in your business, you get all of that in a part time solution. We are good at fitting in, getting on with the job, picking up from exactly where you are, understanding your business quickly and able to deliver the best strategic marketing to grow your business.

That’s why both here in Australia and globally, we are the fastest growing solution provider in this space.

What can you expect?

  • A step change in your business – you can expect to see results quickly.
  • A practical Marketing Strategy program that includes Sales and Business Growth development plans, fully integrated across all your business’s operations, and functions.
  • An experienced Strategic Marketing professional with proven business success.
  • An in-house Part Time Marketing Director working with your senior team.
  • An experienced mentor who can coach and develop your existing team, and pass on their marketing knowledge.
  • A key part of your senior in-house team – with you to do what it takes to achieve your goals.
  • Clear ROI – you’ll see value demonstrated quickly, with measurements put in place early on.
  • Someone who gets stuff done and isn’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and get on with the tasks such as aggressive Lead Generation.
  • A low risk solution – there is no red tape or lengthy tie-in, as you control the time commitment.
  • There’s no recruitment fee, super, sick pay, or holiday to take into account.
  • The most amazing MDC Resource Book of the best creative teams, writers, designers, digital marketing specialists, customer insights professionals, media buyers and other suppliers – and the power to negotiate hard to get the best deals for you.

“All this at a fraction of the cost of a full time Marketing Director of the same calibre.”