Don’t Be Fooled Pt. 1

Often in marketing, we can be led to believe that an evolutionary approach will work, when in reality, a more radical one is in order…or vice versa. This is the case with the ongoing digital marketing transformation. It is clear that the confluence of changing buying habits, social media and digital tactics have dramatically changed  Continue Reading »

The Power of Part-time Specialists

The Power of part-time specialists… Many small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) are discovering the most reliable and economical way to increase market share and sales; it’s the power of engaging a part-time Sales and/or Marketing Director. This is the most efficient way to set up, manage and implement a strategic plan that will change  Continue Reading »

Where is online marketing headed in 2018?

The internet is saturated with articles based on content and digital marketing trends for this year. And while many of them say similar things, all trends stem from the development of technology. The bottom line is that consumers and customers want things instantly and want things tailored to their needs. They want to feel like  Continue Reading »

The Concept of Freelance

My Marketing Director MDC

Freelance has acquired a new status in the Australian workforce, concurrently with a global trend where more and more organisations are utilising contractors and temporary employees to achieve key outcomes. This is due to the rise of the sharing or the ‘peer-to-peer’ economy and is one of the fastest growing models of employment. While it was  Continue Reading »

Keeping up with the…social media marketing trends.

Marketing Director MDC

The Kardashians have often been accused of being famous for being famous. They’ve been asked in several interviews what they are actually famous for. In 2011, Kim Kardashian explained to Piers Morgan that she was in “Marketing” as well as being an “Entrepreneur”. In that same year Barbara Walters included the Kardashians in her historic  Continue Reading »

Why Social Eazie Has Just Made Content Automation Much Eazier

My Marketing Director

The majority of Australian businesses value their social media channels above all else when it comes to marketing. Facebook, Twitter and the like are worthy avenues to not only engage with current customers but to also reach a much broader (and often much more profitable) audience. Reaching this audience and providing them with the right  Continue Reading »

Scary Marketing Tactics – Do They Work?

Having just survived another Halloween in the big smoke (is it just me or is this event getting more popular every year?) I dutifully donned a witch’s hat and cape and doled out candy to everyone who came knocking on my door, I can now turn my attention to how this has affected my marketing  Continue Reading »

What we can learn from VIVID

My Marketing Director MDC VIVID

I recently visited the VIVID festival in Sydney and all I can say is “Wow” – I don’t think there’s anything comparable anywhere in the world. The lights, colours and creativity are truly spectacular. It’s an amazing experience that started fairly humbly with a light show in 2009, and has since exploded into an international festival.

What I’ve learned from Wonder Woman!

MDC Marketing Director Centre Marketing Wonder Woman

Just watched the new Wonder Woman movie and boy have things changed since Lynda Carter cartwheeled on screen as the original WW doing her own stunts, back in the day. These days Diana Prince is flying unaided and doing all sorts of death defying feats – some with the help of stunt people, some with special effects and the green screen. How things have progressed – everything from the costume, the nature of the character’s skills and cinematic effects. What hasn’t changed is Wonder Woman’s fearless nature and commitment to the cause.

Happy EOFYs!

My Marketing Director Centre EOYFs

It’s almost time to celebrate the end of another successful year! It’s that time of year when accounting professionals get most excited and all of our finances come under scrutiny. Its definitely time to evaluate what’s been working and what’s not with regard to your marketing activities.

The rise and rise of fidget spinners!

My Marketing Director MDC Trends

The latest fad that’s taking the world by storm is the fidget spinner. Its trending on social media, in classrooms, playgrounds and boardrooms around the globe. The humble fidget spinner – who would’ve thought it would prove so popular amongst kids and adults alike? When asked by a mother at the school gates if I objected to it, I replied that I couldn’t see the down side. (Memory took me back to the bay bade craze a few years ago). Fidget spinners are comparatively smaller, cheaper and don’t make a noise. I’m on board!

Calm before the storm

My Marketing Director Marketing Awareness

After what seems like an endless summer the weather has changed this past week – a cold front is sweeping across the country and there’s even been snow in some areas! A fortnight ago we were at the beach celebrating Easter and hitting the waves… now we’re bundled up in coats and sweaters and we’ve turned on the heating. It almost seems like there was no warning … the cold front hit so suddenly. We should’ve perhaps gotten out the woollies ahead of winter, but there seemed no need. All of a sudden I find myself scrambling to find last year’s warm gear as I brace for the ferry ride into work every morning.

Getting over Easter…and getting free of that dog lead!

My Marketing Director MDC marketing

Easter is over, the bunny is out of the hat and the eggs have all hatched… some of us have consumed waaaay too much chocolate! The Easter break is always a good time to catch up with family and one of our young masters is currently into magic tricks and escapology. I sat there watching him trying to escape from some concoction of bicycle chain, plastic handcuffs and dog’s lead (No child abuse suffered he managed to rather impressively free himself within minutes). It brought to mind some of my clients. They seem like they’re all tied with various sorts of hindrances in their business. Their chains are inefficient/wrong staff, their handcuffs ineffective processes and the dog lead is usually their marketing practices. If only it was as easy for them to break free…

Back from school camp – What have we learned?

School camp

Last week my son went to school camp. He’s in high school now and so he’s self-sufficient. But it took me back to a time when he was in primary school and going to camp was quite a different experience. There was much more preparation and perhaps even anxiety/apprehension involved in those days, not unlike trying out a new marketing method or activity.

There are several similarities with both scenarios.

What 25 years of marriage has taught me

Michael and Sally

My wife and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I’m sure you’ll forgive me this indulgence as I focus on what has seen us through the last 25 years and beyond – 3 children, many pets, hundreds of visitors and moves across 2 continents. The same attributes that have carried me through 3 decades in my personal relationship are necessary when dealing with clients and marketing practices.

Sensationalist Marketing – LOOK AT ME NOW!!!

Marketing Director Centre Marketing Integrity

Whenever I read articles (or rather, skim through the headlines) of Daily Mail or a similar online rag, or I pass a newsstand and see the glossies – the headlines are always sensationalised. NIC WEARS NUDE DRESS TO OSCARS, instead of Nicole Kidman merely wearing a flesh coloured dress bedazzled with sequins and fully lined, by the way, on the Oscar’s red carpet, along with hundreds of other actresses wearing far more revealing outfits. Beyoncé isn’t just expecting twins, BEY’S DOUBLING HER EMPIRE!!

V Day is over-Time to break up and find love again!

Marketing Director Centre rekindle Marketing strategies

Love is in the air. Everywhere you look there’s hearts and flowers and ribbons and romance. Who would’ve thought that a single day dedicated to love would spark an entire month of advertising and commercialism?

Is 2017 Already Passing You By?

MDC Marketing Director Centre Marketing Plan Goals

If you saw our previous blog post, you already know how we spent January. Our Marketing Directors and Sales Directors were all doing what they do best:

  • Planning and strategising with our clients
  • Evaluating which approaches and projects are working
  • Applying lessons from 2016 to the current circumstances and the months ahead.

New Year- New Plan

MDC New year proactive marketing strategy

Why You Should Be Working on Your Marketing for 2017

Christmas is long gone already and yet this is the most wonderful time of the year, for some. Welcome to 2017 and all the possibilities that lie ahead!

Its mid-way through January and this is traditionally still a quiet time thanks to:

Why Marketers Are Just Like Santa’s Elves (Maybe Even More Magical)

Why marketers are just like santas elves

There’s something magical about Christmas. It’s clichéd but it’s true. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, or what you’re doing – the big bearded man in the bright red suit will always catch your eye. Whether you love the magic of the season or you’re a total cynic about the ‘festive hype’- seeing Santa, cheerful and waving, just warms your heart.

Rocky Roads Ahead? Why Sustainable Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Sustainable marketing strategies marketing director centre

The business landscape in Australia is always changing. The only thing we marketers can really be sure of is that we can’t really be sure of anything.

But we already know that. And we’ve learnt to adapt.

However, current circumstances (both locally and globally) have created an especially unpredictable environment for Aussie businesses. Many factors are in play right now, including:

Personal Branding: What We Can Learn from Clinton and Trump

MDC Personal branding

Whether you feel passionate about the outcome, or you’re just enjoying the political ride, there’s one thing everyone can appreciate about the American election: the importance of personal branding is on full display. From a trademarked hair style to a wardrobe with extravagant two-piece suits, personal branding is being demonstrated in vivid detail by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as they fight for the United States’ top job.

Voice of the Customer: How Customer Centricity Can Enhance Your Marketing

Voice of the Customer

The term customer centricity has been trending for a long time in the marketing industry, but it has re-emerged quite noticeably in recent months. And there is a good reason for its popularity: it works.

Using personas and consumer insights to drive marketing strategy is an effective way to create campaigns that really connect with your target audience. This approach allows you to understand and anticipate the drivers and desires of your customers, which gives you the time and information to meet their needs as they arise.

3 Hires Your Business MUST Get Right


When you think of positions that are vital to your company’s success, your mind most likely goes straight to Director, CEO or General Manager. But there are also three not-so-obvious roles that can either make or break your organisation:

If we could be known for one thing

If we-could be known for one thing

Our company went through a branding exercise recently. Imagine that, the top CMOs in the country sitting around spending time analysing their brand. There were some disparate opinions as to what we should stand for in the market place, but also (I’m pleased to say) a real meeting of the minds in the key areas.

The Importance and Pitfalls of a Long-term Marketing Strategy

Michael Strategic Marketing LinkedIn Post Images

Good marketing relies on a good strategy. And a good strategy looks beyond the current quarter to the next six months, the next year, the next five years and beyond. But while most, if not all, business owners and executives would agree that it is important to have a long-term marketing strategy, actually creating one involves overcoming three mental hurdles.

The trouble with content

The Trouble with Content MDC Michael LinkedIn

Each day, 4.6 billion pieces of content are posted on the internet. So that means, today globally, there are some 4.6 billion pieces which the world has to plough through….and then tomorrow, it all starts again. Another round.

Will we look back in 10 years and see missed opportunity?

MDC Blog Missed Opp

We recently had meetings with a client who told us the only approach to their marketing would be using digital channels. Nothing else would be considered. I was specifically called into a presentation from a team of our marketing directors, to try to help shift our clients thinking. After all, that is what we are paid for in spite of it being unpleasant from time to time.

What are you most in need of, brand or lead generation?

MDC Blog Brand Lead Generation 1

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there between brand and lead generation, and the importance of either or both.

When we talk to clients about brand, we sometimes see nervous shuffling of papers, shifty glances around the table and quiet coughs. “What time is lunch?” they ask. No, branding is for the big boys, the banks, automotive and beer companies with huge advertising budgets to play with. Definitely not for a business like ours.

Women and Young People: The Missing Links for Too Many Companies

Women Young People Missing Link

There are two troubling trends that can be observed in businesses all around the world: Women are missing from the top levels. Young people are missing from the bottom levels.

Here we’ll look at these trends and discuss why contemporary companies should be concerned about them.

Talent Shortage and Youth Unemployment: A Deadly Combination for the Global Workforce

Talent Shortage Youth Unemployment

overcome this dilemma by giving opportunities to people who are new to the workforce and putting in the effort to help them succeed – for the benefit of the individuals and the company.

In addition to this, other steps businesses should be taking include:

LinkedIn for Business Development – part I

MDC Linkedin

LinkedIn for Business Development (part I)

LinkedIn is for collaboration and networking.

So LinkedIn says.

We say LinkedIn is a great tool for business development.

What do you do to grow your business?

Growing your business

I’m out coaching a strong sales team this week. They have been in the business a long time, and are good at what they do. But as I was pondering what advice I could give them, I came back to the simple question. What are they actually doing each week to grow their business? Every month, most of them hit their targets. But none of them move beyond that. They have become a little complacent.

Better Lead Generation – an Action Plan and Guide (part 3)

This is the third and final part of a white paper -‘how to generate more leads’

Building Your Action Plan
Following on from the 2nd part of How To build your Lead Generation Action Plan here is the last part of MARKETING DIRECTOR CENTRE’s 11 Steps to Crafting a Powerful Lead Generation Action Plan.

Anyone remember Dolly Mixtures?

Dolly Mixtures

The all sorts of the sweetie world, Dolly Mixtures even preceded Liquorice Allsorts. They were a Saturday pocket money treat for us as young boys, with lots of different colour, texture and flavour. I don’t even know if they are still around, perhaps they went the way of Spangles. What’s important about Dolly Mixtures, other than they are a Pterodactyl – type confectionery?

Better Lead Generation – an Action Plan and Guide (part 2)

This is the second part of a white paper ‘Lead Generation Action Plan’

Call To Action

If someone takes you up on your offer what is it that do they need to do? You want this action to be as easy as possible. For example click here or call this number or fill in this reply paid card. You want a single step easy call to action. And you want your call to action to be void of any hint of a sales person about to pounce – we all have built in radars to protect ourselves from sales people pouncing.

The World’s Best Sales Ad

The most famous b2b ad of all time 2

This legendary B2B ad is from a time when women were apron-wearing housewives, men smoked pipes and wore suspenders, and the web was the domain of the 8-legged – but it is just as relevant today. If you cross out the McGraw Hill and insert your name, could it be you? If your business is struggling to convert sales, then this brings the problem closer to home. Maybe it is you, we all need to heed the message.

Better Lead Generation – an Action Plan and Guide (part 1)

Part 1

What can I do to generate more leads with my business?

Good quality leads ultimately mean money and more sales. They are the key metric of how well your marketing is performing.

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