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Let’s start with the good news – most people involved in sales, are keen to learn and improve. Considering it is the engine of most businesses, it is astounding how little effort is put into developing top sales professionals.

Ask yourself, what would happen if the top 2 or 3 performers in your team left for the competition? That is a common scenario for good sales people who are ignored.

Sales Director Centre helps businesses that are ambitious to grow, by putting a highly accomplished Sales Director into your team. That is somebody who will take the business goals and objectives, and translate those into outcomes on the ground. We look at the science behind the delivery – specifically around people and process, and then set about working to deliver.

As a rule, most sales teams love having us there, because they learn and grow. Only the non-performers are concerned, the rest know they will improve, which means better rewards for everyone.

Our approach means that we dig deep at the start of any new client relationship with the aim of identifying every problem area and getting everything out on the table. This is a highly therapeutic approach for the business owner and senior team, because it means you will emerge with a clear roadmap and an experienced Sales Director to manage the implementation of the plan.

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