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As an ideal, you should expect to see some quick wins in the business that will deliver immediate yield, while we aim to devise and deliver on longer term fixes.

Over the initial couple of years, clients will typically expect upwards of 20-30% in improvement in performance across a team, often a great deal more.

There are a number of ways we achieve that. We assess process across the board and look to stabilise and bring consistency. As an example, we have walked into companies where the entire sales team of a dozen people, all worked to a different commission structure. Within a week, everyone was on the same commission package, the achievers grew their sales overnight, and administration was relieved of half a person a week.

As a rule, most sales teams love having us there, because they learn and grow. Only the non-performers are concerned, the rest know they will improve, which means better rewards for everyone.

In another example, a sales manager who had been selling to the same sector for 25 years, found new customers just because of a fresh set of eyes, and achieved enough new sales in the next month to pay for our services for a year.

Not only that, he was delighted and moved from being a tired person wondering what had become of his career, to someone who now saw opportunity. Sales continued to grow incrementally, and our fees were paid for many times over as a result of the improvement.

There are many other stories we can tell. After a 2-day workshop to a team that had been struggling, we inserted a ‘live performance’ part, the hour of power. We asked the team then and there to put into practice all they had learnt over the past 2 days. They had 60mins to impress, with significant prizes on offer.

By comparison, an inter-State team had been there a few weeks before to help build some quick sales, and achieved approximately $1m in sales over the week.

Our team achieved $1.2m in 60 mins across the attendees.

Whether it is people or process, you will be able to see quite quickly whether we will be worth the cost.

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