Does This Sound Familiar?

Many businesses seem to hit a brick wall when they reach a certain stage in their journey, struggling to overtake previous years of growth. Often, there can be cracks in the business foundation that prohibit growth and innovation. We’re here to change the record.

If you are looking to grow your business, improve your marketing strategy, expand your market-share or explore an entry or exit strategy then you’re ready to join many other businesses who have made MDC their partners of choice.

At Marketing Director Centre, we place accomplished Marketing Directors into ambitious businesses, on an affordable, part time basis. Our clients get access to top flight marketing experts at a fraction of the cost of employing somebody full time.

We’re here to uncover the cracks in your business, put you on the right path and help you grow.

Why Work With Us?

Let’s start by talking about you.

Which type of company are you? Well established in your field, but growth has stagnated over the past few years. Perhaps you’re a rising star, with ambitions to drive sales and grow into the next BRW Fast 100, or even with a longer term on an IPO. As the owner of the business, maybe you’ve held the reigns tightly to get to this point, but now you need expertise to take you to the next step. Expertise will be expensive on a permanent full time basis, is there another option around to consider? We think so.

You could be any of these, or even something else. In our experience, the main questions revolve around growth, regeneration or branding. So, what about us?

We are; ambitious, smart, flexible, affordable, highly experienced, accountable and solutions focused. We are good at fitting in, getting on with the job and picking up from exactly where you are. We’ll understand your business quickly and are able to deliver the best way to grow your business.

We use a sound process for marketing..

For us, it’s not esoteric fluff that we make up as we go along, we work with you and alongside you through a comprehensive body of intellectual property, property that the founders have pulled together over decades of experience. Not all of it is applicable, because at the end, you will want something that can be executed within the framework of your company. A 125-page marketing plan may be ideal for some, but you may just want a few things effectively implemented, that you can build on in the future.

1. Deliver Your Vision

Business owners start their businesses with passion and tremendous vision. But somewhere along the way, it becomes blurred and even lack lustre. We have met clients who are so fatigued, that they almost didn’t want to grow the company because it would mean more headaches. Is that how you feel? Our primary function is not to create headaches, but to provide businesses of all shapes with additional bandwidth.

2. Sales Organisation Design

Sales teams tend to be disparate. With large blocks of time while waiting around for appointments, as well as spending plenty of time on their own, accountability is an issue.

It’s not just your problem either. The lack of accountability is frustrating to your team as well. They know they should be doing better. What do they lack? The most common problem is a lack of any proper organisational design.

3. Improve Your Performance

As an ideal, you should expect to see some quick wins in the business that will deliver immediate yield, while we aim to devise and deliver on longer term fixes. Over the initial year, clients will typically expect upwards of 20-30% in improvement in performance across a team, often a great deal more.

In one example, a sales manager who had been selling to the same sector for 25 years, found new customers just because of a fresh set of eyes, and achieved enough new sales in the next month to pay for our services for a year.

If you can identify with one of the 12 Common Pain Points of marketing, then organise to have a 30-minute meeting with us, and we will be able to come up with some immediate fixes that you can leave the discussion with. Get in contact.

  • Lack of Clear Strategic Plan

  • Ill-defined Performance Measurement

  • Unclear Brand Preference

  • Does my agency work

  • No category Leadership

  • New or Start up needs help

  • Customers Leave

  • Can't Find New Customers

  • Brick Wall

  • Marketing Leader not yet 'Accomplished'

  • Profitable Customers

  • Product, not Customer Centric

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