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Sales Director Centre relies on tailored and specific IP process, rather than an ad hoc approach to the sales operations. It means our clients have a higher chance of achieving their goals.

It starts with our belief that everyone in the sales process needs to be set up to succeed. That means we take into consideration the views and aspirations of the company leadership (including the board) the clients, key heads of department and the sales team. Each part of the process needs a clear benefit, a clearly defined role that operates within a well-defined and methodical process all undergirded by essential support. This is in contrast with the confusion that often reigns in many sales operations.

By drawing on flexible, yet clearly defined intellectual property, our Sales Chiefs can quickly pinpoint the pain points of any organisation, while still having the benefit of vast expertise to find the best and most appropriate solution that will work.

This is intellectual property that has been developed over decades of working in different businesses, solving their problems and overcoming the barriers for successful, consistent sales performance. It allows all of our Sales Directors to come into a business and within a short time, not only see some of the critical problem areas, but also understand what the fixes are likely to be.

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