Marketing Director Centre is the leading provider of flexible Marketing Directors, across Australia and New Zealand. Our accomplished Marketing Directors help ambitious and growing businesses reach their full potential. Our client testimonials and references speak for themselves – we produce results and transform businesses at the SMB level.

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Our Vision

Marketing Director Centre is committed to helping business owners build the necessary disciplines into their business that will enable them to be sustainable for years to come. We also look to foster a team of accomplished talent that are passionate and dedicated to building their clients businesses.

Our Mission

Provide our clients with access to highly accomplished talent with the know-how, skills and expertise to help their clients with their Sustainable Competitive Advantage, that builds a mix of short term results and long term robustness into their businesses.

We do this by being flexible with acclaimed Intellectual Process and custom solutions that fit the individual client. We also lead teams with a mix of strategic intelligence and ‘roll your sleeves up’ dedication that sees a job through to success.

We are passionate about what we do, and the difference we can make to a business and the teams within that business. Our job is to inspire others to achieve the levels capable in their own environment.

Sister Companies

We have our own in-house agency, Marketing Services Centre.
We also run Sales Director Centre.

Our Founder

Michael is an entrepreneur, who started life as a Commodities Trader in London. He moved to Australia, where the transition in business took place. Having worked for a large multi-national, Michael learned quickly what makes a business successful (and what doesn’t) and took those skills into a mid-sized record company. There he managed a sales team and a marketing team both at wholesale and retail level, and was one of the youngest Executives in the industry.

He has subsequently owned and operated one of the largest independent advertising agencies and later co-founded a tech company that had the likes of Suncorp, Ford, Gloria Jeans and McDonalds as clients.

Marketing Director Centre grew out of Michael’s considerable experience running his own business and observing hundreds of other businesses along the way. He recognised the lack of leadership and process, but also the struggles that were constant because there was always a lack of bandwidth in key areas of expertise.

Marketing Director Centre was initially founded with just a single Marketing Director, but now encompasses a presence in every State in Australia, with some of the top marketing talent in the country. Such is the success of building a scalable business, Marketing Director Centre is now spreading into Singapore, New Zealand and the UK along with the sister company, Sales Director Centre.

Our Community

Hiring a Marketing Director gives you much more than a consultant – you also get connected to a whole network of expertise, insight and collaborative learning. You work with the specific Marketing Director you need, and gain access to the extended Marketing Director Centre network and family in the process.

Our skill set and expertise across the group is formidable; you are hiring more than just an individual when you engage with us.

Our Clients

We work with businesses from a wide range of industries, including:
  • IT and Technology
  • Media and Publishing
  • Financial Services
  • Resourcing and Recruiting
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Environmental and Sustainability
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Manufacturing & Retail

About you

We look for Managing Directors and executive boards who are passionate about their companies and motivated to achieve the goals and objectives of the business. We want to work with clients who are anxious to roll up their sleeves and make real progress in their business, even if they have become stuck in the meantime. As long as you have passion, we will be able to help.

Whilst we do provide interim placements to many of our clients, our primary focus is to work with organisations on an ongoing basis where we feel we can add dedicated value to their businesses. We want to be there to help grow the company every step of the way, and in many cases, right up to exit, whatever that may be.

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